September 10, 2007
Amendment #1 to Agreement for contract services with TRA Environmental Sciences, Inc., for environmental review services in connection with the Walgreens project at 520 Palmetto Avenue

July 9, 2007
Public Hearing to consider three appeals of Planning Commission approval of a Coastal Development Permit, CDP-279-06, Parking Exception, PE-137-06, Use Permit, UP-968-06, Site Development Permit, PSD-761-07 and Variance, PV-486-06 to remove the existing SeaVue Theatre building and replace it with a Walgreens Drugstore including a drive-through window at 520 Palmetto Avenue (APN 009-162-550).

January 22, 2007
Approval of contract with TRA Environmental Sciences, Inc for $25,045.00 to perform environmental review services for the proposed conversion of an existing building, formerly the Seavue Theatre, into a Walgreens store with a drive through pharmacy at 520 Palmetto Avenue