Anchor Inn (500 San Pedro Ave.)

March 13, 2017
Approval of the Parcel Map and the Subdivision Improvement Agreement for a Two Lot Subdivision at 1397 Grand Avenue, Assessor Parcel Number 023-073-190, for the Project Known as the "Anchor Inn - 500 San Pedro Avenue," in the City of Pacifica

May 9, 2016
Appeal of Planning Commission Approval of Site Development Permit PSD-792-15, Coastal Development Permit CDP-349-15, Subdivision SUB-225-15, and Sign Permit S-113-15, to Construct Four Detached Motel Rooms in Conjunction with a One Lot Subdivision on a Vacant Lot at 500 San Pedro Avenue (APN 023-073-190). Recommended California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Status: Categorical Exemption (Class 3 - CEQA Guidelines § 15303 - New Construction or Conversion of Small Structures; And, Class 15 - CEQA Guidelines § 15315 - Minor Land Divisions).